FotoPro X-Go Predator Tripod


The FotoPro X-Go Predator is ultra-portable, has a 20kg load capacity, all-metal construction, under 2kg weight, compact fold-up design & strong carry bag. Suits DSLR cameras, Spotting Scopes, big binoculars & even a small refracting telescope.

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The ultimate in a portable, lightweight yet strong tripod for your DSLR camera, Spotting scope, or big binoculars with an amazing 20kg load capacity!

  • With 3 feet with 4 section allows you to adjust the height quickly. The angle of the feet and the height of the central column are both adjustable. You can take pictures at a variable height from 370mm to 1.62 metres.
  • The 1/4 “screws and 3/8” screws are suitable for all pan-heads and your camera or DSLR Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, etc. If you have a phone adapter, it will also work with your smartphone. It can also become a monopod (see below*).
  • The rolute head with three level bubbles provides you with the opportunity to take in that panoramic view with precision. The fast loading plate helps you capture every wonderful moment with ease and speed.
Model Material Section Min Height Max Height Folded
MAX Diameter Weight Max Load
X-GO PREDATOR ALUMINIUM 4-sec 370mm 1.62 metres 18.70 inches 475mm 1.56kg 20 kg

* How to become a monopod

1.Unlock and remove the specified leg

2. Unlock and remove the platform

3.Install platform onto the top of the leg

How to become a monopod (Extended length)

1.Unlock and remove the specified leg

2. Unlock and remove the platform

3. Remove centre column and re-attach platform

4.Install centre column onto the leg for an extended monopod


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