Zeiss Conquest HD LotuTec Black


When your looking for the best binoculars on the market today, you want German made quality but perhaps the Market leading Zeiss Victory are a bit above your price range ?

look no further than the Zeiss Conquest range  for superb affordable, high contrast, bright, clear & easy to use range of Binoculars.


Enter a whole new class. Observe with particularly clear and neutral colour reproduction. Enjoy an impressive visual experience into the twilight hours. Feel the perfect ergonomics, which allow you to observe in comfort. Appreciate the compact dimensions and the lightweight of this all-rounder, which enable you to explore nature with ease. The CONQUEST HD is ideally equipped for forging new paths.

The new CONQUEST HD  8×32 is a lightweight model that is ideal for stalking game during the day. Its compact size makes it a convenient companion in difficult terrain. The 8x magnification provides a good overview and shake-free images.  The near setting of just 1.5 meters allows you to experience crisp images and clear colors up close. The CONQUEST HD 8×32 satisfies all ergonomic requirements: the focusing wheel is so conveniently placed that it can always be quickly and easily used.

The CONQUEST HD 8×42 has been designed as a robust companion for twilight use. With its 8x magnification it gives a stable image in all situations.  Thanks to the new design it also offers considerable user comfort. The large focussing wheel is always close at hand so that even at close range, the smallest details will appear sharp with a neutral colour.

At 115 metres the CONQUEST HD 10×42 offers the largest field of view in its class. This gives you an optimum overview, even at long distances. Thanks to its increased magnification, you can experience especially detailed insights into the natural world. At the same time, the new design with its perfect ergonomics ensures particularly easy operation, comfortable observation, and precise focusing in any situation.

The T* HD-lens system guarantees the best colour reproduction for impressive observation.

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10×42, 8×42, 8×32


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