Goldrat Modular River Sluice


The Goldrat Modular river sluice is a great way start building and expandable sluice system with the famous Vortex Dream Mat ® sluice material, that does not miss a flake of gold and is so easy to clean up with a quick flush out. No more drying out carpet matts to try and get the fine gold out !


Being modular means you can get started with prospecting with a sluice relatively cheaply while having room and option to grow as does your interest in Gold Prospecting.

Our Modular Sluice has a removable Flare that is designed to channel water into your sluice and offers a slick plate area to dump gold-bearing material onto when prospecting.

These sluices come in an 8, 10, and 12-inch variation. This size variation refers to the width of the recovery system in the sluice. This is called Vortex Dream mat ® and is currently one of the most efficient gold recovery matting systems in the world. We manufacture this product in-house in our QLD facility.

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12 inch, 10 inch, 8 inch


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