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  • Experience The Thrill Of Smelting:Get ready to turn waste into treasure! You can directly turn those old aluminum cans into real beauties. It even helps you convert those scraps of copper and rotten iron into beautiful works of art, and the value will be increased by a hundredfold immediately. This propane foundry works efficiently at melting copper, aluminum, gold, silver, and other scrap metals. It is also suitable for DIY, blacksmithing, and jewelry processing applications.
  • Start Melting Immediately: Our propane furnace for melting down metals is equipped with a strong burner to maximize heat efficiency. The temperature in the furnace can reach 2700℉/ 1482℃ within 6.5-8 minutes. We beat the competition with our 1.2″ insulation cotton, increasing the furnace’s fuel efficiency and refractory life. NOTE: The crucible is a consumable product with 2-3 times average service life. Please check the manual for the purchase link.
  • Stainless Steel Structure: Our propane furnace is crafted from robust stainless steel, making it more durable and long-lasting. The upgraded cover is non-welded and integrated. It is also equipped with a high-density graphite crucible.
  • Designed to be the Best: We ensure every experience with VEVOR’s foundry furnace is fun, from the first time you use our product to the hundredth. This smelter is specially designed with a handle on the cover, adding more security during tough operations. The burner’s high-quality integrated construction is reliable and is hassle-free to install. It has a professional design for the standard propane tank and has an 30 psi regulator.
  • Everything In One Box: Get started right away! We include all you’ll need to get melting the day you receive your order. Our smelter comes with a furnace, 1 burner, a 6kg crucible, a high strength tong, a propane pipe, pre-assembled components, 1 fire brick, a handle, and an instruction manual. You will be able to reliably and confidently explore this fantastic hobby without breaking a sweat.
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The 6kg large capacity means you can melt 13kg gold, 7kg silver, 6kg copper, or 1.8kg aluminum

The 12kg large capacity means you can melt 26kg gold, 14kg silver, 12kg copper, or 3.6kg aluminum

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6kg, 12kg


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