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Must See Lunar Eclipse ++

Total Lunar Eclipse

Next Tuesday the 8th of November is our first total Lunar Eclipse in Aprox 2 years.
wherever you are in Australia the eclipse will already be in progress when the moon rises.
From here in the eastern states, the eclipse will begin as the moon rises with the moon already in the earths Penumbral (partial shadow)
The moon begins to enter the earths Umbal shadow around 7pm, is fully eclipsed by 8:15 and stays that way for the next 1 1/2 hrs. For those keen to watch the whole event, the partial eclipse finish’s around 11pm.
A good pair of Binoculars or a suitable wide field telescope is the best way to see the event.
keep your Camera & tripod handy too !

Uranus Conjunction

As a special bonus there is a conjunction between Uranus and the moon on the night of the Eclipse at less than 1 Deg apart, so it will be a great opportunity to see Uranus as well.

Taurids Meteor Swarm

The Taurids Meteor shower we spoke about last month MAY have an outburst with higher rates (10+) per hour of bright slow moving Taurid Meteors.


If you can avoid the storms and rain now is still a great time to be out under a dark night sky.
we are continuing to build stock for telescopes and binoculars in time for Christmas, so now is the time to get your order in while stocks last before the Christmas rush.
I hope you get some clear skies sometime soon with all the rain STILL sweeping across much of the country in Australia.

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