Seeing Black holes – How is this possible ?

Black holes were for years the stuff of science fiction Movies. Now with the scientific reality of their existence, science is pushing the boundaries of

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  1. TJ

    A black hole is the center of the universe, if You think about it every thing revolves around some thing us the sun the sun spins in the Galaxie and i would say a black hole is what started all of these revolutions. So What happens When all this mass spreads to far, are we going to implode and every thing start all over agein with a black hole? can u answer me this oh Guru

  2. admin

    An Interesting question TJ
    Black holes are at the center of large galaxies such as our own Milky Way.
    There are therefore many 100’s of billions of black holes in the universe.
    The leading theory is that the black holes will be around long after all the stars have gone cold and died !
    Hope this helps.

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