BeaverLAB Intelligent Telescope Finder T1


  • Featuring a long focal length of 500mm (f/6.1) and cutting-edge filtering technology, it provides crystal-clear views of stars and planets.
  • Equipped with automatic white balance, exposure and RGB three-color real-time compensation to ensure your images are of the highest quality.
  • Simple operation and easy to carry. You can achieve stargazing with a large visual field in remote mountainous areas without an Internet connection.
  • Powered by the MTK algorithm platform with 2.0MP SONY COMS Sensor, providing low power consumption, strong performance, and high speed.


Ditch Traditional Eyepiece, Go 4k Screen

BEAVERLAB uses a digital camera to replace the traditional eyepiece, and realizes star observation by displaying pictures on electronic devices. Real-time observation on the large screen, refuse to watch in a fixed position for a long time, and share with friends.

Immersive Stargazing

If you are using it for the first time, please start by observing the most conspicuous moon in the night sky! The surface of the Moon is patterned and you can enjoy 4K images of how craters and mountains fold.On a clear day, you can clearly see Saturn’s beautiful rings. The sight in front of you will give you a mysterious feeling, as if you are being sucked into it.

Discover the Beauty of Life

Not only astronomical observation images, but also distant scenery such as forests, oceans, and mountains are powerfully reproduced! Admire wild birds and animals that are hard to see up close! You will feel as if you are right in front of your eyes.

More suitable for entry-level people

One-click Shooting, Social Sharing

“Isn’t it impossible for me to take impressive astrophotography?” With just one tap of the app, anyone can easily capture the celestial object of their dreams! Upload to SNS such as Twitter and Instagram to amaze your friends.


MTK Algorithm Platform, SONY Chip

The MTK algorithm platform integrates machine learning and deep learning algorithm models, enabling intelligent analysis and interpretation of astronomical data observed by the telescope. It can process the data collected by the telescope in real-time and provide timely feedback and adjustment suggestions based on the analysis results, allowing the telescope to dynamically adjust and optimize the observation plan according to requirements.


Focal Length 500mm, Aperture 82mm (f/6.1)

The long focal length of a telescope provides higher magnification, allowing observers to see details of objects that are farther away. The large aperture of a telescope refers to a larger lens or objective diameter, increases the amount of transmitted light, enhancing the brightness and clarity of observations. Additionally, a large aperture helps in observing objects under low-light conditions.


Product Details


Ultra-light Weight, Easy Installation

The lens tube, tripod, and finderscope weigh about 3.4kg in total, and can be carried with you

Accessories And Tools


Product Name



ABS, Aviation aluminum alloy, Hyperspectral lens

Image Sensor


Main Platform

Transmissong MTK

Battery capacity


Charging Port




Product Size


Operating Temperature



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