Mount + Steel Legs GT Series



  • Three-in-one GoTo mount can operate in GoTo Equatorial mode holding one telescope, or in GoTo Altazimuth mode holding one or two different telescopes
  • Capable of holding a 20kg telescope payload — ideal for any observational or astrophotographic pursuits
  • An accurate belt-driven stepper motor drive system minimizes backlash. Movements in any direction are immediate greatly assisting auto-guiding accuracy. The responsive GoTo system can locate any of over 42,000 celestial objects with a pointing accuracy of 5 arc-minutes
  • Features dual encoders on motors and each axis to maintain alignment. The mount can be de-clutched and moved after alignment and still maintain alignment.
  • Dual dovetail saddle for use with Vixen Style narrow or Losmandy “D” style wide dovetail plates, 25.4mm diameter retractable counterweight shaft, new threaded power input jack and threaded DC cable, built-in auto guider port, PPEC capability, 9 slew speeds, and North/South hemisphere polar alignment scope
  • German Equatorial / Alt-Az dual mode
  • Permanent periodic error correction(PPEC). PPEC can be trained with Autoguider or PC.
  • Belt drive – Super smooth PE curve. Low backlash, silent slewing.
  • Shutter release control for batch exposures of astrophotography.
  • New motor controller with higher torque and accuracy.
  • Include two dual-fit (45mm/75mm) saddles for mounting two telescopes.
  • Improved reliable power supply outlet.
  • Polar alignment with polar-scope or SynScan HC’s polar-alignment routine.
  • The primary axis encoder tracks the mount’s position. Users can push the mount at any time without worrying about losing the mount’s alignment.


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